How would you like a salesforce who you only pay by results?

Through our partners we have access to over 10,000 UK based Self-employed sales people.
We can help you create a sales force who will work on a payment by results basis.
You define the market.
You decide the area.
No sales training required. You will have professionals in your field so will only require to provide knowledge about your product or service.
With sixty-eight categories to choose from we are confident that we will have your industry covered.
Options open to you include an advertisement in a magazine, circulated to all ten thousand, or a personal email, or letter, directed to specialists in your particular market.
In the case of an advertisement, you can design it or we can have it designed for you. You can also choose whether replies come direct to you, or are vetted with the most suitable presented to you as a shortlist.


  • Don’t forget.
  • No Salary.
  • No NHI.
  • No Expenses.
  • You know your exact sales costs.
  • You only pay by results.

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