Want to increase your business with ISO Accreditation?

What is an International Management Standard?
Simply put, an ISO standard is a globally recognised set of policies and procedures issued by the International Standards Organisation which sets out what a company must do to be compliant to (for example)


  • How a company operates. (ISO9001 Quality Management System)
  • Proves it is ‘green.’ (ISO14001 Environmental Management System)
  • Proves it is safe. (ISO45001 Health and Safety Management System)
  • Can cope with a major incident. (ISO22301 Business Continuity System)
  • Is cyber-safe. (ISO27001 Information Security System)

ISO Standards look at the processes (systems and procedures) in every element of a business, with certain standards looking at certain elements of the organisation. An ISO9001 Quality Management System (QMS) for example. will look at how a business meets and exceeds customers’ expectations e.g., how the company markets its products, how it sells to its customers, how customer care is managed, how the product is produced, how suppliers are chosen.

With our associate partners, we can help any type of business, no matter how big or small. Our largest UK client was a local authority where we helped bring in a health and safety management system. Our smallest was a sole trader who was supplied IT equipment into a fire and rescue service. Our largest global client is a Middle Eastern PLC.

How much does ISO certification cost?
We have a firm pricing structure which is based around the standard(s) required, the number of people within the organisation, the number of sites the company has, and the number of standard(s) being implemented. Please do get in touch for a quote.

What makes us different?
We have a 100% certification success rate and has not had one company fail its ISO certification. We ensure that there are no nasty hidden surprises regarding cost or issues with delivery and offer a cast iron guarantee that clients will achieve the outcome they desire*

You have two options of how to work with us


We believe firmly that all ISO Management Systems should work with ease and without fuss. When instructing our Consultancy service, we will do all the ISO work for you whilst writing an ISO system that is tailored to your business and your needs

We will:

  • Create ISO templates compliant with the relevant ISO standard(s)
  • Conduct in-depth analysis to ensure we have a total ISO understanding of your business
  • Produce your ISO Management System in your agreed format
  • Conduct audits and ensure the smooth running of the ISO Management System
  • Prepare your company for, and attend, the assessment certification visit

We ensure:

  • Your own time investment is kept to a minimum
  • That you have a designated EBS consultant for the duration of the ISO implementation project.


Our Coaching services offers a similar approach to our Consultancy service but with Coaching we teach and coach you to write your own ISO system. Many clients favour this approach as it enables a complete understanding of the entire ISO process and can be more cost effect for some budgets.

We will:

  • Provide you with basic ISO templates relevant to which ISO standard(s) you are working towards
  • Provide you with comprehensive guidance and support to ensure you know how to create and manage your ISO Management System

 We ensure:

  • Your financial investment is kept to a minimum
  • That you have a designated EBS consultant for the duration of the ISO implementation project

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