Train ALL of your staff for a modest monthly payment.

One-to-one training courses are available to all of your staff, wherever they are located. Furthermore, they can be undertaken at any time and topics have been specifically designed in small bite sizes in order to fit in with busy schedules. Courses will be delivered virtually, and have been designed by an expert who has worked in universities and the commercial world for many years.
A modest monthly payment will provide access to a growing number of training modules, (already in double figures) designed to support you, your people and your organisation, resulting in your being better equipped to face the growing challenges encountered by businesses today. The topics have been selected following research into government statistics and findings of Chamber of Commerce and Federation of Small Businesses suggesting that recruitment of correctly skilled staff is their major problem.
Your team will have access to courses designed to plug the skills gaps in subjects such as effective teams matrix; emotional intelligence; conflict approach; navigating change; work planning; project management; procrastination and probably, most important of all, an introduction to DISC. This is a system, used extensively by multinational conglomerates, which you will now understand, enabling your team to work in total harmony.
Membership will cover all of your team, to whom you may add or subtract as you develop, without incurring additional costs. Furthermore, additional courses will be added on a monthly basis and you and your staff can return to any course at any time as a refresher.
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