Do you need a senior executive on a short-term, or interim basis?

We have them for an immediate start.

Our boardroom advisors are real world people who have founded, run, grown and sold on their own companies.
They have made mistakes, learned from them and created many successful operations.
Most have grey hair, some have non-but what they all have is experience.
You can have immediate availability.
Flexible arrangements from one day per month to full-time.
No recruitment fees.
No long-term commitments, NHI.
Interchangeable personnel.
Most importantly, no big corporate waffle so ideally suited to help to develop nimble SMEs and micro-businesses.

Choose from Chief Executive Officers; Non-Executive Directors;
Chief Operating Officers; Financial Directors.
You will have someone who is familiar with your industry and can pay particular attention to any of the following, which you stipulate: –
Strategic Direction; Business Planning; Business Growth; Performance Monitoring; Financial Planning; Business Acquisition; Profit Improvement; Exit Strategy; Management Structure; Mentoring And Coaching; Succession Planning; Remuneration Analysis.

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