Are you aware that R and D costs due to Covid could be subject to a tax refund?

You could be entitled to 230% tax relief if you invested on Research or Development due to Covid. This could include expenditure on laptops, other computer services or staff due to having to cope with the restrictions of Covid 19.
Any limited company with a liability for UK corporation tax, seeking to make improvements for existing products, processes, services or to develop new ones can qualify for tax relief and you could receive a rebate of £247 for every thousand pounds of qualifying expenditure.
Costs can include materials; software; utility costs; payroll costs for employees and directors;
Furthermore, it is possible to recoup on monies invested for up to 2 years in arrears.
Our partners are prepared to work on the basis of they will only charge in the event of a successful claim. As specialist tax advisers with more than 25 years’ experience they are prepared to work with your accountant in order to ensure that everything is submitted correctly to HMRC.
An initial consultation, is totally free of charge and without any obligation.

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