Affiliate, Agency and Associate Marketing and Representation.

We can introduce you to the world of this type of marketing and are also prepared to operate this way ourselves. For example in the next sector we could undertake to link you with agents, associates or representatives and work on an initial nominal retainer but then rely on the success of our efforts by working on a percentage of your sales or gains over a period of time. If required, we could also provide, through one of our other divisions, training and management services. This might be particularly interesting in respect of the appointment of sales agents who may require training on your services or products and local management to ensure that you are getting the required services. This service will be extended to include many more countries on all continents.

Business and Partner Introduction.

It is often beneficial to work either with another business or an individual who would benefit your business or enterprise. This could be local, regional, national or overseas. With our contacts in the UK, Sri Lanka and many other parts of the world including Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and America we could find businesses or partners for you to link up with. These could vary from sales agents, distributors, importers, exporters, universities, charities and many more. Even major conglomerates such as the car manufacturers appreciate the value of such partnerships, not just covering research and development but management, distribution, sales and administration et cetera. We are very experienced in outsourcing and the improvement in modern communication has made this even more viable than in the past. You will also have been made aware of many scams carried out, against which our services safeguard.

Cultural Guidance and Commercial Research.

Cultural differences in the way different nationalities carry out business varies dramatically and all of our top executives are knowledgeable and skilled in this. We have all traded in several different countries and aware of the best ways of doing so.
In addition, research can be carried out on your behalf in order to eliminate costly and time-consuming errors. This may be something as simple as the procedures for operating in various places or which contacts to approach who will be able to provide a fast highway toward your goals.

Pop Up Comedy

  • Would £2,000 in one nght help you club or charity?
  • Can we help you put sone fun in your fundraising?
    Your organisation could raise between £2000 and £3000 in just one night (Or afternoon} and have a fantastic time being entertained by THREE well known television comedians.
    Everything is organised for you as we provide the trio of top class TV sstars . All you have to do is sell the tickets; make profits through your bar during the evening (Or afternoon) ; laugh till your sides hurt then put the money in your bank.

Costs Down Profits Up

Reduce Energy Costs.

Never has there been a more important time to check on energy costs. Our team work to get the most competitive prices having reviewed your current costs. Approve the quote then a member of the team will contact your supplier, arrange for the transfer to get you switched over and keep you updated along the way.

Get a better deal on mobiles and broadband.

Working on your behalf, our impartial service, knowledge and experience ensures that you get the best deal with EE, BT, O2 and Vodafone.

Train ALL of your staff for a modest monthly payment

One-to-one training courses are available to all of your staff, wherever they are located. Furthermore, they can be undertaken at any time and topics have been specifically designed in small bite sizes in order to fit in with busy schedules. Courses will be delivered virtually, and have been designed by an expert who has worked in universities and the commercial world for many years.
A modest monthly payment will provide access to a growing number of training modules, (already in double figures) designed to support you, your people and your organisation, resulting in your being better equipped to face the growing challenges encountered by businesses today.

Want to expand? Home or Abroad?

Our UK contacts include Chambers of Commerce Members; Business Club Members; FSB Members; Association Members and over 10,000 individual businesses, 225 Universities and 51,165 charities.
Worldwide, our database contains details of 8600 Chambers of Commerce and over 8000 Universities plus many government and business associations.
A flexible approach enables you to decide how we can best help, which may include locating distributors for your product or service; market research; introduction to governments; groups who may assist and even providers of finance.

tax relief

You could be entitled to 230% tax relief if you invested on Research or Development due to Covid. This could include expenditure on laptops, other computer services or staff due to having to cope with the restrictions of Covid 19.
Any limited company with a liability for UK corporation tax, seeking to make improvements for existing products, processes, services or to develop new ones can qualify for tax relief and you could receive a rebate of £247 for every thousand pounds of qualifying expenditure.

senior executive on a short-term, or interim basis

Our boardroom advisors are real world people who have founded, run, grown and sold on their own companies.
They have made mistakes, learned from them and created many successful operations.
Most have grey hair, some have non-but what they all have is experience.
You can have immediate availability.


salesforce who you only pay by results

Through our partners we have access to over 10,000 UK based Self-employed sales people.
We can help you create a sales force who will work on a payment by results basis.
You define the market.
You decide the area.
No sales training required. You will have professionals in your field so will only require to provide knowledge about your product or service.

Fundraising efforts need a boost?

There are many organisations and people out there prepared to offer grants or donations to worthwhile causes and we know that the combination of Covid; Brexit ; the Ukraine war and cost of living increases are making life very difficult for many charities.
Help is at hand to locate grant opportunities suited to your type of charity; to train your staff in methods of fundraising; to assist in putting together fundraising programs; to provide guidance in how to decide which methods to use and to provide assistance in tackling some of these.
Some of the services, including training, are FREE and to receive details without any obligation.

increase your business with ISO Accreditation

Simply put, an ISO standard is a globally recognised set of policies and procedures issued by the International Standards Organisation which sets out what a company must do to be compliant to (for example)

  • How a company operates. (ISO9001 Quality Management System)
  • Proves it is ‘green.’ (ISO14001 Environmental Management System)
  • Proves it is safe. (ISO45001 Health and Safety Management System)
  • Can cope with a major incident. (ISO22301 Business Continuity System)
  • Is cyber-safe. (ISO27001 Information Security System)

Do you need finance to Survive, Revive or Thrive?

All businesses need financial help at some time and we have agreement with organisations, throughout the world, interested in providing several options of finance. These includes grants; short or long-term loans; bridging loans; factoring services; long-term investment in return for shareholding.
We work with reputable organisations and our role is simply to introduce you to a suitable investor or lender. Finance is available from £2,000 to £20M
Additional services are available, including guiding or helping you to create a suitable application, tailored to your specific requirements.

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